Anir Strategy

Just how do you use Anir effectively? Do you need an extra Ancient for Relic Wars or just bored and need a new toy then I recommend Anir. Read along we’ll teach you how with this simple strategy for success.

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Rival Kingdoms Anir Wiki

Anir Spells
Anti-Magic Zeal:   Affected troops gain 10% increased attack damage and prioritise attacking Spell Towers for 7 seconds. If an affected troop destroys a Spell Tower then all affected troops radiate 2 damage a second to nearby structures for 7 seconds. Each enemy target can only be affected up to 5 times (10 damage a second).

Blazing Beacon:   Ignites the target building causing 96 – 98 damage over 5 seconds. Nearby units heal 4 damage a second. The effect ends if the building is destroyed.

Flame Touched:   For 10 seconds affected units will disable buildings they attack. However, all defenses destroyed under this effect grant 1 less Mana.


Strategy #1; Close Attack
Troop Composition: 3s2p1mh, 4s1p1mh, even all birds should work

The Combo: Anir’s spells work in concert so you need to know how to play them off each other effectively. Spell 1 will cause troops to radiate damage if a Spell Tower falls under it’s effect(like Aegis). Spell 3 turns off defenses you are attacking(like Zillah). By using them together you turn off defenses in a radius rather than just those nearby. The combo gives you Aegis radiating damage, Zillah like defenses turned off and a heal all at once. It might take a bit of practice but Anir is definitely viable on many Stronghold 16 bases. If you can get him Epic or Legendary the spells last even longer.

  • Choose attack vector with fastest approach to a Spell Tower (bases where not all 4 towers are around stronghold are best)
  • Drop all troops and then Dragon
  • Build to 20 mana for the combo to work
  • Either use a Dragon flyby or stop in front of Spell Towers to distract them(depending on your charge)
  • Apply Spell 1, followed by spell 3 immediately when you think a Spell Tower will fall within Anti-Magic Zeals time frame(starts at 7 seconds at max is 9.6sec). Defenses are now turned off near troops.
  • Now you can reapply spells as needed depending on your situation. Need to take out another nearby Spell Tower? Use Spell 1. Need a heal? Use Spell 2. The best results is probably to continue with the original combo of Spell 1 and 3 together repeatedly.

The first video below shows a SH14 taking out Sh15’s with Anir as a Rare. It describes the strategy well so is worth a watch.

Video two is more recent and shows a stronger base with mithril (Sh15 vs Sh16, Anir as L44). Anir as a Legendary L60 will obviously be even more powerful. As an example his disable spell lasts almost 20 seconds when maxed, definitely no Dud here. Videos used with permission of Tylo Plays and DmXxor.

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