Ascensions recap

Coming soon in April a bunch of Mythic Ascensions!

It will be Nature month so most are of the Nature variety; Swiftwing, Kestra, Elmus, Zillah, Erasmus, and King Darkforge for some reason. Really all of them are viable at the top end so it should be an exciting round of upgrades.

Swiftwing Mythic:


Kestra Mythic:


Elmus Mythic:


Zillah Mythic:


Erasmus Mythic:


King Darkforge Mythic:

king darkforge

It was revealed there will be a defense log update to include more information.


Also a new plinth will be coming for your statues in this weekends update. Not sure if it will be free or some sort of quest we will have to wait and see. Sounds like all good things =)