May 23

BIG NEWS!  Supercell has bought 62% of SpaceApe! What changes will be coming?! 

App update out today on Android… Big change in the look. I wonder if all ancients will soon get a makeover.

Screenshot_2017-05-23-16-46-19 Screenshot_2017-05-23-16-46-14


Rk as Pokémon Go app? Battle to hold your location with your favorite ancients…

Screenshot_2017-05-23-17-40-06 Screenshot_2017-05-23-17-39-39

May 4

Event Update: The scheduled boost for the event has changed (it had a bug). The new boost is Rekinded which has a chance to summon an elemental for every building that dies.

Interested to see the early Concept Art of Rival Kingdoms? Check it out!

May 2

Earn yourself ancient Orelia and Ascensions to Epic with Red Cauldron. The final prize is Mythic Ascension of Rabinovitch. Gold statue chest in a ladder? Easy opportunity for a gold statue if you never made it before. Have fun!




April 27

Gear Weekend!


In addition to lots of gear in the ladder there will be a ton of new recipes you can craft to make them… To many to list check in game ;)

5th spell tower is now an option, requirements sh17 & 100 mithril.

The new Astronomy Tower is out and cheap to upgrade but crafts are ridiculously expensive to make with rings. Personally I’m holding off on building it as there are no must have items yet……

April 25

Week of April 24th highlights!
Individual Ladder event with gear spread all throughout! Up to Epic!

Astronomy Tower
New building geared towards strictly Astral Gear recipes. Gives 1 mana upon Destruction.

Three levels to the building unlocking more recipes with each unlock. Upgrade costs a low amount of gold.

Astralite crafting limits raised. New fusion recipes introduced.

Fifth Spell Tower!

Mithril cap
Mithril cap raised from 175 to 200!…