Banemaw Strategy

Just how do you use Banemaw effectively? Read along we’ll teach you!
Follow along with this simple strategy for success.

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Rival Kingdoms Banemaw Wiki

Banemaw Spells
Wolfpack: For 33 seconds affected allies are granted 10% speed and generate 2 bonus Mana from Troop Portals they destroy. In addition, other spells grant extra effects to troops in the Wolf Pack.

Chilling Howl: Buildings in the target area deal 50% less damage for 5.50 seconds. In addition, all Wolf Pack allies gain 50% increased damage for 5.50 seconds.

Bloodthirst: Hits a single building for 327 – 333 damage. In addition, all Wolf Pack allies heal for 20% of the damage they deal for 5.25 seconds.


Strategy #1; Close Attack
Troop Composition: 3s2p1mh

  • Choose attack vector with most Mana Portals
  • Drop dragon as distraction
  • Drop all troops tightly packed & apply Wolfpack to all troops
  • Use Chilling Howl on splash damage defenses such as Spell Tower, Catapult, and Arrow Launcher
  • Give preference to covering defenses but apply to front line troops simultaneously if you can
  • If you find yourself with lots of mana use Bloodthirst otherwise keep applying Howl
  • Win… easy huh?

The video below shows Banemaw taking out Sh16 bases easily, obviously he will be even better if you managed to get White Eagle Kris for Banemaw’s Ascension.  Video used with permission of Tylo Plays.


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