March 29

It’s Token Weekend! Been collecting tokens forever but never get enough? This weekend you will get a chest with tokens for every battle when using the event ancients. If you see the chart below not all ancients are offering the same bonus points but if that’s the one you want tokens for you will have to make do with less. Overall the event is pretty easy if you are using one of the Mythics and really hard if you only have low rarity choices.

Also all Epic or lower ascension crafts should now be permanent while all Legendaries are showing for this weekend only. Upgrade while you can!

*Be aware this weekend the event starts Thursday so take advantage you have 4 days to finish*

Pvp & Arena: +15 points plus your bonus ancient choice
Boosts: All troops are offering bonus points +3-14 points, Elementals, Death Knight, Burning Spirit, Macabre Spirit, Chilling Spirit, Volatile Spirit Boosters +16-27points

crafting event 317

  • Kestra and KDF are going Mythic with a new craft this weekend. Swiftwing will be joining them but you will have to first convert your current herbs into powders as they crafts are changing requirements.
  • The Astralite and Astral stone recipes have increased in quantity allowing you to make more chests and supplies.

March 22


This time around your kingdom can earn Mythic Iro ascension and Mythic Talasin. Iro should be quite strong but I don’t believe Talasin is worth the push.

Also available will be the dragon tokens again to get a dragon heart and a new Astral Gear; Prisoners Goblet.

Event schedule has been updated =)  

Have fun!



March 8

What’s Astral Gear?
It will allow you to upgrade ancients by equipping a piece of gear to each one (limited to one gear each for now).

  • The first type is the Astral Stone which adds mana to any ancient; Common +1 mana, Superior +2 mana, and Rare +3 mana.
  • The second type is the Inferno Glyph which will buff some fire ancient spells; Common +7%, Superior 8.6%, and Rare +10.2%. Buff is to Anir Blazing Beacon, Jal Scorching Heat, Eloni Fire Blast, or Golgogg Kindle.
  • More gear will added in the future as well as higher rarities all the way to Mythic.

Where do I get it?
Gear can be found in Events but mostly you will be crafting it. It’s up to you to decide to upgrade many ancients with small amount of mana or combine a bunch of stones to create a few rare ones.

Kingdom Event Details

Arena +12points / PVP +10points
Bonus Ancient: Serra & Kyna +6points / Lyris, Jaelleck, Iro +2points
Boosts: Reverse Current, Charged, Lightning elemental, Volatile Spirit, Guardian, Grounded +1-5points / Berserk +6-36points

Difficulty: Medium (162 battles per person in 50 person kingdom)