Event Strategy Guide

How to Score Well in Events Without Spending

Rival Kingdoms Event Strategy Guide

Written by Froman of Xiled

Contrary to common belief, it is possible to score well (top-75 well, though not top-10 well) in Rival Kingdoms Events with little or no spending of actual money. The following Rival Kingdoms Event Strategy Guide should help you to do so if you keep them in mind at all times when playing Rival Kingdoms (NOT just during event weekends).


Develop a mindset that gems are ONLY for events. Don’t spend them to speed updates, to get resources, or to buy chests. Save them all for events–you can accumulate quite a few gems for free if you’re disciplined enough to do this. During events, use gems them to buy battlestones. If you’re buying JUST battlestones, SA offers no volume discounts, so you’re generally best off buying them 5 stones at a time (see “Battlestones” below). Note that if you’re willing to spend a little bit of money on occasion, SA does offer short-time bundle offers that are considerably cheaper than the standard rates for diamonds or stones—if you want to spend money. The following photos show the current best normal bundles based stones per dollar (prices may be different in your currency but these should still be the best). Some events may have bundles that are better but not often. Wait at your own risk…

Rival Kingdoms Event Strategy Wiki Bundles

Between events, you should generally favor arena over multiplayer, because you have a better chance of getting free gems in arena chests. Over time these can really accumulate. In addition, you can get a few gems from watching videos if you have the patience. The gem icon will occasionally appear up near your gold / ring counts. When it does, you tap it to watch a video and get a few gems. It will go away after you do that—but it will often re-appear if you then go into your map and come back. You can usually do 2 or 3 cycles of this. This is a good thing to do while you’re doing something else but can afford to idly tap on your phone every minute or two.


Treat boosts more or less like gems. SA has a predictable habit of offering bonus points for using certain boosts over the course of an event. Therefore you’re hurting your event performance by using boosts for regular MP or arena battles. It DOES sometimes make sense to use boosts for key kingdom raid battles where you believe they will make a difference, because then you’re helping your whole team. Otherwise, hoard these for kingdom events.


You get a free battlestone every 20 minutes—as long as you currently have fewer than 5 battlestones. Therefore you are wasting free battlestones any time you have 5 or more stones built up. Free battlestones are a key resource to doing well in events, so this leads to the following conclusions:

-You should try to login roughly every 1.5 hours (or more frequently) when you are awake if possible (it takes 1 hour 40 minutes to generate 5 battlestones) and use all your stones. If you log in and you have 5 stones, you are wasting stones!

-If you find yourself with 5 or more stones at any time, you should use them (constructively) as quickly as possible, so you can start accumulating free stones again. For players in the arena, this will often mean doing MP battles until you get below 5 stones (because you’ve set yourself up to have easy battles in MP—see below).

-If you have the opportunity to time the acquisition of battlestones—e.g. buying stones, or starting a personal tournament—you’ll get the most benefit from them if you time it so that you get them when you have 0 stones AND you are as close to 20 minutes away from getting your NEXT free stone as possible. The time remaining to the next stone matters because you lose any accumulated time when you hit 5 stones. (For example, consider a case where you have 0 stones but the timer says you will get another stone in 1 minute. When you spend the first one, the timer will reset, and it will be 20 minutes before you get another free one. You have effectively wasted almost an entire stone through poor timing).

==Arena vs. Multi-Player==

If you have reached the arena, you generally want to do almost all your raiding there. However, MP (multiplayer) has some distinct advantages during events. In particular, it is much easier to control the difficulty of your opponents in multiplayer. In events where there is a large bonus for using a particular ancient that you would have trouble winning arena battles with, you may want to do nearly all of your battles during the event in MP so that you can win with that ancient. Consider the following strategies here (note that all of these assume that you are in the arena and so can choose where to attack):

-Before the event starts, lose consecutive battles in MP until your next opponent is SH4 or less. This will “prime” MP for you for the event, providing consistent easy battles.

-Before the event starts, figure out who the bonus ancient is (if any). Someone will typically post this info on Line several days before the event. You should seriously consider leveling this ancient up before the event starts.

-Before the event starts, consider leaving your SH outside and exposed for a while to drop honor so your arena battles will be easier. Consider doing this during the event as well. You should only do this if you’re not concerned about losing honor though (e.g. avoid this strategy if you’re pushing for placement in arena seasons—in that case, use MP as your easy battle venue instead). Note that just having a number of defenses upgrading at one time can have a similar effect to leaving your SH out. It’s also important to remember that the more gold you have, the more likely people will be to choose to attack you. Since you can only lose gold once per shield cycle, maintaining a high gold balance is a reasonable tactic to lose honor faster that has limited cost. Be careful, though, about combining these tactics when you’ll be away for a while. For example, putting your SH outside overnight while you have a high gold balance may cause you to drop 100’s of honor points.

-It should go without saying that losing a battle during an event is wasting a stone. It’s going to happen once in a while, but do everything you reasonably can to avoid it. The arena gives you an easy tool to avoid battles you’re likely to lose (you never HAVE to take one of the options), and MP gives you another convenient outlet.

-During the event, make sure you deliberately lose every ninth battle you fight in MP (that is, get to win streak 8, then deliberately lose one, then get to win streak 8, etc.). Over a long event, you may find that your MP battles very slowly become more difficult over time. If that happens, either start losing at win streak 6, or deliberately lose a few MP battles in a row to reset your difficulty.

-If you are in a hurry to use stones and you’ve followed the above, ALWAYS fight in MP. Your MP battles should be -drop troops- / -fast forward- / -see SH go down- / -exit battle- affairs.

-If you are NOT in a particular hurry, check the arena first for each battle. If there is an SH out, use the bonus ancient (and possibly a boost if that gives a bonus) and take the win. If not, look for an arena battle you can win (preferably with the bonus ancient, but that’s not mandatory—if the bonus is relatively small). If you find one, take it. If not, either wait 3 minutes for a new round of choices, or switch to MP.

-Note that arena has 2 main advantages over MP. 1. It will generally offer you more gold and rings and 2. If you choose your arena battles carefully, you avoid the overhead you encounter in MP of having to throw away every 9th stone on a deliberate loss. Therefore truly optimal play will have you fishing for winnable battles in arena until you either find them, or you hit 5 stones. But this can be very time-consuming.

Updated 1/21/16:
Recently Rival Kingdoms has allowed you to store unlimited number of battlestones won from chests. These would be best saved for events not spent willy nilly. If your shield is ending and you are close to the gold you need for an upgrade then yes burn one or two but otherwise save them.

On events that offers a new ancient which then gives a bonus for using it, its better to use your best boosts early. The earlier you get the ancient the more that ancient boost amount is added in and the faster your score rises.

Now that daily campaigns offer mithril you don’t want to skip them ever. Make sure you do the daily before the event, and skip the last one until after the event is over. This will save you 6 stones.

It pays to plan ahead on personal tournaments. Hard event coming up? Hold off on your tournament until the start of the event so you get those 5 stones to use. If it’s a 3 days event you will get another personal tournament right before the event ends…another 5 stones.


We hope you enjoy this take on Rival Kingdoms Event Strategy and learned something. It contains many good tips. Do you have a strategy you like better? Great! Maybe you will submit it to share with the community too. If not try this one out my team does many of these and is very successful as well. You can see in the photo we were globally ranked in 8th place with most members spending no money.

Now you know how to score, but how many points will your kingdom need to win? Check out past Kingdom Event Records to find out!

Good Luck!