Behold the next Space Ape Game…. Fastlane: Road to Revenge !


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Fastlane is a vertical shooter game but instead of the more traditional space theme where you shoot spaceships and dodge asteroids you are in a car. Your job is to shoot and destroy or avoid other cars, trucks, ambulances, and tanker trucks that explode. You can select your own avatar, upgrade your vehicle and guns, buy UAV (bonus boosts), and do mini-quests. This is a free to play game by SpaceApe Games; creators of other popular titles such as Samurai Siege, Rival Kingdoms, and Transformers: Earth Wars. It does allow you to spend real money for in game purchases to buy cash, diamonds, or chests that offer car upgrades. Here we will do a quick review of the game, tell you where to get it, and offer some helpful tips to get you started…

Road to Revenge is currently still under development and is a beta testing stage. This means it’s on limited release but you can download it with minimal difficulty on android devices. Fastlane is available on many of the apk websites for direct download. This means you will get it from them rather than google play and may even need to repeat the process when the game is updated.  *Warning make sure you go to reliable sites and not just download the first google result you find*






How To Download And Install An APK File:
1.  Download Fastlane: Road to Revenge APK  on your Android device OR download on a PC and then drap and drop the file from your PC to your device.
2.  Go to settings, security, select “unknown sources -allow installation of apps from sources other than the play store”.
3.  Go to file manager (you can download one free if you don’t have one), select the apk and install it OR if you downloaded directly to your device you may see the file in your notifications and can just select it from there.
4.  Open the game to check if you were successful. As you added the game directly it might ask you to update to the newer version which you can click on, then click back to avoid. Updates on the apk will likely be a few days behind the google play store.
5.  Go back to settings and uncheck the “unknown sources” box.
6.  Play your new racing shooter game!Many times a beta game will be available in one country officially on the google play store. If you know which country SpaceApe is using please Contact Us so we can update the page.


Tips To Getting Around In Game:
homegas Gas – This lets you know how many races you can do. The gas timer resets overtime and you can also increase the max  amount.moneyCash – Used to upgrade your vehicle and collected by destroying vehicles in game.diamondsGems – Used to buy additional races if your gas it out, buy cash, buy chests that contain UAV (battle bonuses). Gems can be bought with real money and also be collected by destroying vehicles in game.avatarAvatar – chosen by tapping on it and choosing one of your own.mapMap – Let’s you know where is the current saga you are. There are over 1000 levels!


jobsJobs – Shows you mini-quests and their payouts.


settingsSettings – Change touch sensitivity, language, & volume


auto-shopAuto Shop – Get a new car, upgrade armor, machine, or guns.


rdR & D – Shows you which boosts you have obtained; missile launcher, machine gun, repair bot etc.


workshopWorkshop – Upgrade Magnetic field, health, double damage, Nitro, or Rep boost. Additional options unlock at higher levels.


shop Shop – Here you can use real money to buy resources you might want like cash, gems, or chance boxes that contain new UAV’s.


raceRace – Start a new run.


musicMusic – Pick from several radio stations to find the music you like. You can also pause the music or turn it off completely in settings.


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Game Play Tips: 

Place your finger on the screen to speed up play and remove it to “pause”. Be aware the pause only slows gameplay by about 90% so you you will mostly use it to asses the situation and then go back in rather than pause and go get a drink (you would die). Don’t try to clear every car that comes but do try and focus on important targets. Make sure to collect every bonus you see on the road. If you kill the car but miss the prize what was the point?

Tankers – Explode killing several cars in their area. A good way to reset the screen is to take out the tanker plus it gets the cash or bonuses from all nearby vehicles.

Ambulances – Keep your health full by killing the Ambulance any chance you can.

Rivals – Can be worth more to kill a rival plus some of them shoot at you. Hard to avoid all the cars, obstructions and being shot at. Kill the rival the first chance you get.


There are 3 basic battle strategies…

Hold your lane – Spending most of your time in one lane makes it very hard for you to die by hitting cars. Since most cars stay in their lane and you fire ahead you will kill most anything in your immediate path. You will need to leave the lane if you are being shot at by missiles or cars and also if there are obstructions in the way such as a constructions zones. This simple strategy as with the others isn’t enough to win you a level. You will need to decide which of the 3 to use at each time period to advance.

Shoot the S By moving your car back and forth in a pattern your bullets will form an S shape. You can cover the whole field, only 4 lanes, 3, or 2 at a time. A larger S will increase your chance of hitting something meaning more gold and less chance of death while a smaller S will increase the rate of bullets in your lane and kill more things in that area. I recommend a 2 or 3 lane S as the most effective option.

Play in slow motion – Because the pause screen doesn’t stop play completely you can play in slow motion. Tap the screen to fire instead of pressing continuously and move strategically to kill specific targets of value. This method will make it easier to kill the best targets such as tankers or ambulances and also to avoid road closures. Is the screen full of baddies and you don’t know how to get out alive? Pause and assess the situation. You can play the entire game in a semi-pause mode but it would probably be boring after awhile. Save this this for tough situations and bosses.

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3Watch Some Fastlane Gameplay!



Brief Game Review:

Fastlane: Road to Revenge follows in the footsteps of a long line of vertical shooter style games but doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to the party. For a studio like SpaceApe Games who is known for their stunning graphics Fastlane is a bit of a letdown. Cars are bland and explosions are neat but not especially good looking. We want Bugattis, Lambos and Tanks not Honda’s…

That’s not to say you can’t have a bit of fun with this game. With over 1000 levels it can be a nice distraction for a quick play here or there but likely wouldn’t be a game you would play hours on end in a row. In my admittedly limited play the levels and game play are just too similar and repetitive to be truly engaging.

We must remember though Fastlane is still in beta and will undoubtedly have many more features added before it’s official release. Also of note is that you can play this game offline which is always nice on a plane, train, or bad coverage area.

Use the NEW FASTLANE FORUM to chat with fellow players, trade tips, and strategies!