Aero ,do you really think that yuki get nref?

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    It’s a trap!
    Last time Lyris ‘s last task has the same situation!
    That time is show Lyris is 60lvl and the 3skill only cost 650+ damage
    It makes many of us give up the kingdom event
    And after we use the Legendary item , we all shocked! The 3skill cost 1200+ damage!

    So , I think yuki is like Lyris…she DID NOT get nerf…but the real ability only hide by SA.

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    For what it’s worth, I asked SA about that when I complained about the gold bug in Sleeping Snow. BJ from SA told me, “that as far as I know, the stats you saw in the Bax Attacks video are what you can expect when you ascend Yukika to lvl 60 as opposed to what was available in the campaign”.

    With Space Ape’s track record, who really knows.

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    Cannot see the point give us in compaign the ancient not corresponding to reality.

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    Who knows… I’m tired of space ape nerfing and buffing.

    Now I will get only the ancient that are cool, so this time, I will pass…

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    As of an hour ago Yukika has gotten a nerf, but not what I expected. Spell 1 now lasts 45 seconds instead of 15. This flattens out the damage, making it very slow, but it makes it easier to produce lost souls for use in spell 2.

    There are rumours about a nerf to stacking spell 1 but I couldn’t detect it in game play.

    Official word is in the news feed on the home page but no specifics about the stacking limits.

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    I’ve tested and Blizzard damage do not stack anymore. I’ve tried spamming it but it couldn’t even take down a lvl8 gold smelter…

    There is a sentence “damage stacking will be limited” in the changelog / news.
    I think that multiple cast of Blizzard only resets the timer to 45 seconds.

    Not allowing the damage to stack made Yuki another mediocre legendary in my opinion. But hey she is frost, so at least good for the spell tower :)

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    Yup, damage doesn’t stack. If you look at the official release notes it says Blizzard does not stack whereas the in game notice (in the banner at the top) it just says it is “limited.” (Funny, I thought I updated my previous post to reflect that. Guess I forgot to hit “enter.”)

    Yup another ancient that isn’t any good without ascending her, which means she isn’t any good to anybody in a mid-level kingdom. Got nowhere on the event this weekend.

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    Yuki got debuffed again after game upgrade. Anyone found it too?

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    I use Yuki (level 60) a lot, she’s one of my favorites. I have well over 2,000 wins with her and have not noticed a nerf. She’s still a beast.

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    I think yuki got nerfed. Totally unusable now. Her wandering soul spells heals a lot less than last time. Anyone can confirm?

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