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    We would love to see something to allow our members to compete for bragging rights within the kingdom which has a bunch of different stats on it. It doesn’t “have” to also have a global leaderboard, just within our Kingdom would be fine. Maybe display the top 3 for each statistic, with an ability to see the full member list. Or make it a dropdown of statistics with a list off all the members, a bit like is done for Honor/Loyalty.

    What sort of stats? For example:
    Top Kingslayer
    Ancient Stars
    Rings Collected
    Gold Collected
    Stones Used
    Lifetime Donations/Loyalty

    It’s just for fun, but those of us who have played together for a long time across many games get a kick out of competing for such things…

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    I like it =)

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    @Kiwidude, Thats a great Idea! My kingdom keeps track of king slays, but this goes into so much more depth :)

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    YES YES and YES
    I like it too ..
    Keeps players interested
    They can obtain ‘scout’ badges or small honour certificates etc ..

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    Maybe it could be used to replace the stupid roman numerals… theyre totally pointless

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    Very cool idea, I also like the badges idea. I agree Roman numerals are useless.

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    Khoa Tran
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    Yes, would be great

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    I like this as well, but I’m pretty sure the amount of effort needed precludes this from happening. SA is pretty lazy when it comes to things that do not put money into their hands.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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