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    So I thought since there are always new players joining the game we could come up with a list of tips and tricks to aid them on their quest. If you could go back to day one and give yourself some Rival Kingdoms pointers what would they be? I’ll start us off…

    1. Save gems to buy builders, don’t spend on anything else until you have all 5.

    2. If you plan on being a free player never ever spend gems to speed up defense times, it’s just not worth it. Skipping time on your blacksmith is ok if you are struggling to win otherwise don’t do that either. Save them for events to get prizes you like.

    3. Unless you need a little extra always use the correct primus for the 25% bonus. Primus is far to scarce to waste. Try to max a few ancients you like rather than everyone a little and choose ancients that can do double duty in your spell tower and used for offence.

    4. Defense means very little early so focus on upgrading your offence and stronghold. Maxing out everything before going to the next stronghold is very slow and not recommended.

    5. Add your own to continue the list…

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    5. Save all your inventory battlestones for events

    6. Don’t waste bloodthirst, epic mana vial or cold blood boosts. Those are for high level raids.

    7. Mosts boosts make extra points in some events, so it’s better to keep them or use them only in raids

    8. Lower your multi-player difficulty as soon as you join arena so you can have easier daily quests

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    9. Once you get to sh13 grind your d to max
    10. Join a kingdom.
    11. In a kingdom ask for raider.
    12. Participate in kingdom raids

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    Follow up on 12- Make sure to participate. Kingdoms don’t like inactives.

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    13- Don’t miss any daily quests as you get mithril shards and it is the only way outside events to get them

    14- For free players : decide what events are worth it and spend you battlestones, gems and boosts to get as many ascensions as you can. You will need legendary ancients

    15- Level up only useful ancients such as Foreveil, Yalenati, Talasin and others. Check forums or ask your Kingdom mates.

    16- Daily quests gives +3 mana bonus that can make the difference in kd raids

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    17) Don’t build ANY gold smelters. They don’t generate any worthwhile income (unless you log on once in a blue moon) and they just add to the number of structures you need to protect. More than not they just end up being free mana for the attackers.

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    18.Don’t build any conduits or skywatchers until you reach sh 15 or 16 the rings you will save for the skywatchers by the time you reach sh17 will be enough to uprade TO sh17!
    19.Also your defense doesnt mean much till sh14 or 15 anyways so focus almost completely on offense, walls, and leveling up your sh.
    20.Reach arena as quickly as possible if you are even a halfway active player you can stay in arena and collect over 2 times as many rings a battle.

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