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    Share your thoughts and feeling about the new upgrades hitting SH 16.

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    Mainly excited to have something to upgrade again; new wall level to dump gold into will be nice. Added skywatcher will mean new fresh base designs to attack. Not sure upgraded paladins will be enough to match a jump in defensive strength so I would expect to see soldiers and wardens getting another level soon too, possibly a permanent second dragon?
    Not especially pleased with the new look…

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    new level spell towers and flare tower will require a mithril count. will not be avle to get it. i think it requires 45 and 50 mithril. hopefully
    new recipes for mithril will come out

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    Let’s hope there will be new recipe for mythril…

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    No need. Alchemy lvl 6 has a mithril recipe that has no crafting limits.

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    SA is trying to say that after obtaining 50 mithrils, either by buying or crafting, you still need to upgrade the flare tower in order to gain the “Build the Ultimate Defence”? Are we chasing the holy grail?

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    I used the sh16 discount yesterday, so many rings saved!

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    Did the upgrade cost of Skywatcher’s last level change?
    It was 3630 in the video, but it is now 3960 on the wiki.

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    Still 3630. They made mistake on wiki

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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