Kingdom Event Records

Already planning your next Kingdom Event? Events can be quite difficult to place in the statue positions, but it’s far easier if you and your team can plan it ahead of time. We are here to help!

How many battles can each person do?
Are you setting up a quota as a minimum you would like them to get?
How high does it need to be for each level?

This section should offer some help with those decisions. Using past event results as a guide for future results should let you know better if your kingdom is ready to join the leaderboard ranks. Each event offers a different prize so one event may well be more difficult than another. Make sure to take that into account in your planning.

Wryms Gambit / Dragon Event: Jan 29th
Prize: Top 120 get Dragon Heart and Statue
Value: Very High
Length: 3 days
Points per battle: +5 points
Ancient Bonus: Any dragon +5 points
Boost Bonus: Elementals or Death Knights +1, 3, or 5 points

Gold+Heart: Top 5
Results Range Max: 372,608 = 37,261 battles / 745pp (50 kingdom) / 248 per day
Results Range Min: 233,103 = 23,310 battles / 466pp (50 kingdom) / 155 per day

Silver+Heart: 6-15
Results Range Max: 233,093 = 23,309 battles / 466pp (50 kingdom) / 155 per day
Results Range Min: 188,693 = 18,869 battles / 377pp (50 kingdom) / 125 per day

Bronze+Heart: 16-120
Results Range Max: 187,955 = 18,795 battles / 376pp (50 kingdom) / 125 per day
Results Range Min: 150,469 = 15,047 battles / 301pp (50 kingdom) / 100 per day

The normal calculations we use is to assume you use the event ancient and discount boosts unless it’s an event that allows any boost or something extremely common, like any troop boost. The small bonus from boosts is usually countered by losses and can be discounted.

The slideshow below shows the actual results if you would like to see top teams you might want to join, or dig deeper to learn how close each team was. If you want to use the picture of your kingdom results to help advertise in recruiting feel free, we left off the watermarks intentionally to make it easy.



Winter’s Curse / Birna Event: Jan 2nd
Prize: Top 120 get Snowstorm(Birna Ascension Material) and Statue
Value: Medium-High
Length: 3 days
Points per battle: +5 points
Ancient Bonus: +3 points Birna, Banemaw or Foreveil
Boost Bonus: Ice Boosts +1-5 points

Gold+Snowglobe: Top 5
Results Range Max: 379,477 = 47,435 battles / 949pp (50 kingdom) / 316 per day
Results Range Min:  277,833 = 34,729 battles / 695pp (50 kingdom) / 231 per day

Silver+Snowglobe: 6-15
Results Range Max: 146,547 = 18,318 battles / 366pp (50 kingdom) / 122 per day
Results Range Min:  134,557 = 16,820 battles / 336pp (50 kingdom) / 112 per day

Bronze+Snowglobe: 16-120
Results Range Max: 133,500 =  16,688 battles / 334pp (50 kingdom) / 111 per day
Results Range Min:    80,258 =  10,032 battles / 201pp (50 kingdom) /   67 per day

The slideshow below shows the actual results. Thanks to batusai83 for submitting them!


Now that you know how many points you will need to win how do you maximize your score? By reading our Event Strategy Guide of course!  :-D