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Venture beyond this point at your own risk…

The Elders are Estara’s most elite practitioners of Primus channeling and harnessing. All attended the fabled Academy of Elemental Arts deep in the desert region of Salarath, and rose to take positions on the Elder Council.

Eloni is the Fire Primus mage, and younger sister of the ancient Jal. Like Eloni, Tyrus, master of Lightning Primus also hails from Salarath. In fact the three grew up in the same village and were friends as children.

Yelsara the Ice Primus mage journeyed to the Academy from the Frozen North. Gydian, oldest of the mages has dedicated his life to studying Nature Primus. Lastly, Kwan, the youngest of all the Council members, is aligned with Death Primus.

Unfortunately, the mages were forced to flee the Academy after a spell crafted by the quintet did not go quite as planned.

Through thier combined energies they’d hoped to open a new doorway and draw more Ancients to Estara. What transpired was the incoming Ancients got merged in the channeling, forming a Chimera-like creature born of all five elements.

The creature, which became known as “The Abhorrence” killed many students and left the Academy in ruins. Unable to stop it, and fearing for their lives, the Elder Mages fled. Some of the Council privately believe that Gydian knew exactly what would happen and engineered the event himself.

*** The End ***

Such a foreshadowing, will we fight the abhorrence in the future? Come back tomorrow for another riveting story about our favorite ancients of Estara. If you like Kwan perhaps you should check out his Ascension Page.

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