Lupita Strategy

Just how do you use Talasin effectively? Read along we’ll teach you!
Some of you may have been lucky in Rival Kingdoms and gotten Lupita but not know how to really use her, or you may have heard how great she is but not understand why. Here we will describe how you can use her in battle vs even the hardest bases in the game, SH15 & 16’s with Mithril.

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Rival Kingdoms Lupita Strategy Wiki

Courtesy of Ed from House of Ackbar

Lupita is one of the strongest ancients in the game. The ability to heal while dramatically speeding up your attacks will allow you to run through bases much faster than what you are used to.

Spell abilities
Spell 1 Frenzy: 35% attack speed increase and health regeneration for 5 seconds. Spell refreshes all affected troops every time a building is destroyed by affected troops. Getting all of your troops affected by frenzy can make this spell last for 15-20 seconds of the battle.

Walls-Be mindful of dropping it on troops fighting through layers of walls as the spell may wear off before they get to a building. The goal is to keep all of your troops affected for as long as possible, only stopping to use spell 2.

Spell 2 Stare Down: Deals damage to 1 defense while disabling it for a period of time. You will use this spell almost exclusively on spell towers.

Cursed towers-Prioritize disabling Cursed Touch first, then insanity, followed by freeze and lastly Flame Bolt towers. If your troops are under frenzy no other defenses are usually worth disabling.

Spell 3 Lycanthropy: AFTER 30 seconds affected troops heal ~100 health, gain 35% damage mitigation, and 35% life steal for the rest of the battle.

Use infrequently-To be effective this spell must be used early in the battle, which limits your options to Mana boost or specific bases that allow you to generate the mana needed before coming in range of the main defenses. Once the spell goes in effect your affected troops are basically unstoppable. You will use this spell very rarely.
NOTE: All spells have a blue addition to the effects they give. This number fluctuates based on the lunar cycle and is highest during the full moon periods. Even at its lowest points Lupita is still one of the top ancients in the game.

Deployment of troops
Deploying troops is based on the spell tower locations. If possible deploy your troops from the opposite side of the base of a Cursed Touch ST.

You want to deploy your troops in a way that allows the Frenzy spell to last as long as possible. Once your troops are moving into range of a ST, and you have the mana, disable the ST that is the highest priority.

Your troops can take several hits of freeze and insanity as long as other troops are making progress and refreshing the frenzy spell. You will often just fight through a ST so you can build enough mana to disable a key spell tower before your troops are in range. That being said allowing Frenzy to wear off for a brief period of time to disable a Cursed Touch ST is worth it.

Rival Kingdoms Lupita Strategy Wiki

Rival Kingdoms Lupita Strategy Wiki

Rival Kingdoms Lupita Strategy Wiki

In the attack pictured I attacked the base from the far side of the Cursed Touch ST. I disabled the Insanity tower, and once it was destroyed I disabled the Cursed Touch tower. I completely ignored the freeze and flame towers. I used excess mana to keep troops under frenzy when it wore off.

Troops Used:
L40 Lupita, L50 Viscaria, L9 Soldiers, L6 paladin

You can see these are not max troops and the strategy is still quite effective. There are still 2 higher soldier and paladin levels. Also note no mana hunters were harmed in the making of this guide. Lupita is not mana hungry because her spell can refresh on it’s own for free, which allows you to have more firepower in your troops.

Watch the video to see an attack on another base, a SH16 this time with Mirthil defenses. Notice more than half the troops survived.

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