Mage Saga

rival kingdoms abhorrence mythic ancient ascension magic devourer trial

During the month of August there will be 5 events geared towards the Mage Ancients (Eloni, Tyrus, Gydian, Kwan, Yelsara -in that order). By completing these events you will earn ascension materials to take them Legendary, allowing you to complete the Magic Devourer Trial, and unlock the Mythic Ancient Abhorrence. Confused? Let’s break it down…

  • Each Grimoire ascends the Common Mages 1 level. To get the 4 common Mages to Epic to need 12 Grimiores total (either through events, bundles, or you may craft them).
  • Ascending the 5 Mages from Epic to Legendary requires 5 Ritual Candles which will each be earned in its own event.
  • Once you have ascended all 5 Mages to Legendary the Magic Devourer Trial is complete and unlocks the Ancient Abhorrence.
  • Abhorrence is leveled with Chaos Primus which can only be found in Events.

rival kingdoms ritual candle ascension mage

Let’s take a look at the ascension materials you need. These are the Ritual Candles you will need to obtain, notice how each has it’s own type. Be sure to complete the event each week who knows when they might be available again!

rival kingdoms grimiore ascension magic devourer trial

Here is the Grimoire which you can find as a current craft option in the Alchemy Lab. Each costs 1.5million gold and 60 Crystals. You need 12 total but you may have already earned some in past events, bought some in bundles, crafted a few, or can get additional ones in future events. The path you take is up to you.

Week #1
Legendary Eloni

Rival Kingdoms Eloni Legendary Ascension Fire Ritual Candle

Now let’s look at the Ascended Eloni’s new Legendary stats. The Mages biggest power is in the Spell Tower where they are unequaled in power. A L40 Mage in a Spell Tower is the same as a L60 regular Ancient. That means a L60 Mage would be like having a L80 regular ancient in power. Does your base need more protection? You might want some of these Mages upgraded.

Week #2
Legendary Tyrus

rival kingdoms tyrus ascension legendary gimoire trial abhorrence

Wow look at the Pulse Lightning Spell Tower; 428-535 dmg. Put that on a conduit, or double conduit, then call it a day. Stay away from my troops! Tyrus’s power levels while Common, Rare, or Epic can be seen in our Ascension Pages. Luckily the week 2 Kingdom Event also allows you to earn 2 more Grimoires. You don’t want to miss that =)

Week #3
Legendary Gydian

rival kingdoms gydian ascension nature ritual candle grimoire abhorrence trial

Gydian’s Spells may not rock your world but to get Abhorrence you will need all 5 Ritual Candles. This week is an easy one so why not collect the Crystals, Runes, and Craft? I know I will.

Week #4
Legendary Kwan

rival kingdoms kwan legendary death ritual candle abhorrence

Legendary Kwan gives you the most popular Spell Tower in it’s most powerful form. Organize your kingdom to max out those pyre donations fast and furious style for the most bonus points.

Week #5
Legendary Yelsara

rival kingdoms mage saga yelsara ascension legendary abhorrence mythic ice candle

Like to freeze your opponents? Of course you do! Get the best freeze Spell Tower in the game by ascending Yelsara to Legendary status using the Ice Ritual Candle. If you managed all 5 Ritual Candles you can complete the trial and unlock Abhorrence as early as Friday!

Curious where this Abhorrence Monster came from? Who is behind this Mythic beast? If you read Yelsara’s Backstory you will learn all about it. You can catch more details on the Twitch Stream this Thursday 6PM UTC.

Enjoy and come back soon!