Advanced Mana Hunter Strategy

Mana HunterHow to use Level 9 and Level 10 Mana Hunters
By BeerGuyEd and the R&D Department of House of Ackbar

Once you reach SH15 you can upgrade your Blacksmith to Level 13 which unlocks Level 9 Mana Hunters. Level 10 Mana Hunters are available once your Blacksmith is upgraded to Level 14 at SH16. The reason these are important is because there is a large jump in health at level 9 which makes successful attacks using all Mana Hunters not only possible but sometimes the easiest way to beat a base. All Mana Hunter attacks allow you to ignore walls, catapults, arrow launchers, and bunkers completely while still packing enough punch to take out the Stronghold.




Damage Per Second Target Damage
1 70 7.8 11 – 12
2 85 9.83 14 – 15
3 90 10.85 15 – 17
4 100 11.53 16 – 18
5 115 14.24 20 – 22
6 120 15.93 22 – 25
7 130 17.29 24 – 27
8 145 20.34 28 – 32
9 186 50.00 70 – 73
10 210 56.82 79 – 83

*sourced from wiki

The first thing to consider when using all Mana Hunters is that although they are powerful they need some specific help in order to take down a base. The good news is several ancients are available to provide the type of help that Mana Hunters need. The first thing an ancient must have available is a way to heal, prevent death or disable defenses. The Mana Hunters have a lot more health at these high levels but not enough to simply beat a well-designed high level base on their own. If you can choose an ancient that can do both heal the Mana Hunters and disable defenses that is even better. Some popular choices for using all Mana Hunter attacks are Malice, Zillah, Lupita, Golgogg and Wukong. Now that you have chosen your ancient you need to have a good plan of attack for the Spell Towers. Not planning for how the spell towers will affect your attack is the fastest way to fail when using all Mana Hunters. With the exception of Crippling Poison which isn’t the best against Mana Hunters all spell towers can easily bring your advances to a halt. Flame Bolt at level 50 or higher can almost single handily kill your birds. Insanity and Freeze can often stop the attacking force for long enough to allow defenses to get in enough damage to often kill all the Mana Hunters that are confused. Cursed Touch keeps the Mana Hunters from healing and gives the defenses a damage boost. Arc Lightning will simply kill all the Mana Hunters in the hit radius on the spot. Now let’s take a closer look on how to beat the spell towers.

The first tactic to learn when using all Mana Hunters you must learn is what I like to call the “Dragon Park”. This is a simple maneuver that takes some practice but goes like this. You will often deploy your dragon first in battle. If there is no open area to build up mana or potential sweep time then chose an area of the map that will allow your dragons to distract some defenses while you deploy your Mana Hunters. Now that your dragon is deployed, deploy your Mana Hunters as quickly as possible in a tight group. The speed in which you deploy is critical to success because the Mana Hunters fly over walls and move very quickly. If you are slow in your deployment then the first couple of squads may be taking a lot of damage before the rest of your team even gets a chance to attack. Deploying the Mana Hunters on the left side of the map is the most popular area simply because it’s easier to deploy all the squads quickly. Once your Mana Hunters are deployed you are ready to park your dragon. The basic idea is time the dragon sweep so that all the Spell Towers in the area you end the sweep will target the dragon, and not hit your Mana Hunters. You will be parking the dragon in the center of the Spell Towers essential wasting the first fire from them on the dragon. Don’t worry if your dragon dies shortly after you park it in the base, it’s done its job. If timed correctly your Mana Hunters can often destroy 1-3 Spell Towers before they have a chance to reload making the attack that much easier. Please note that Arc Lightning Spell Towers rarely fire unless the dragon is parked inside of the trigger radius so choose your parking spot wisely so that your Mana Hunters don’t get deep fried by this nasty Spell Tower. At this point you have a Mana Hunter friendly ancient ready to use, Mana Hunters on the attack with your Dragon parked in the middle of the base. Now it’s time to start using your ancient.

Here is a quick rundown of how to use some of the most popular ancients with Mana Hunters. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the ancients before trying these techniques. The guides below are an outline of how to use them not an exhaustive guide.

Rival Kingdoms Golgogg backstory WikiGolgogg – Deploy as written above. Hit the birds with Golgogg 5 mana spell Blood Pyre. Once you have 10 mana stored hit the SH with the 10 mana spell Kindle and refresh Blood Pyre as needed to keep the birds from exploding. With Golgogg you want to make sure that you can either park your dragon to trigger any Arc Lightning Spell Towers in the attack path so that the birds can destroy it before it fires again, or attack so that the SH can be destroyed before being the trigger radius of the Arc Lightning Spell Tower. Freeze and Insanity tower can also be annoying as they will slow down the attack advance and eat into the time you have before your Mana Hunters explode, but they are also easily distracted by the dragon.

– Deploy as written above. You will almost exclusively using Malice’s 15 mana spell Masochism which dispels any debuffs from Spell Towers while healing your Mana Hunters. This gives you all the protection you need to destroy a base. Like Golgogg Arc Lightning Towers represent the biggest obstacle to victory. Be sure to either avoid them if possible or park the dragon directly on the Arc Lightning Spell Tower. Malice also has an advantage with Mana Hunters because of the dispel effect on Masochism makes Spell Towers other than Arc Lightning much easier to deal with. If fact once you have used the Masochism on the Mana Hunters Flame Bolt Spell Towers just heal the birds to max health instead of killing them. Be mindful of when Spell Towers will fire before using the Masochism. Some practice with the timing is critical to balance the need for healing and the need to dispel the debuff from a Spell Tower.


Rival Kingdoms Zillah backstory WikiZillah – Deploy as written above. The deployment is not as critical with Zillah as her 15 mana spell Stone Gaze keeps the Mana Hunters from taking much damage but they will still take some from longer range defenses. The 5 mana spell Twisted Venom can help heal the Mana Hunters during the attack. The healing isn’t a huge amount but it can be the difference between winning and losing. You should have plenty of mana to keep both spells going during the battle. You will want to deploy Stone Gaze once the Mana Hunters are starting to enter the core of the base before they take too much damage. Once everything is stone drop the 1 spell on the edge of the attack so the Mana Hunters can heal a little bit before the Stone Gaze spell ends. Repeat as needed to take the Stonghold out. A couple of things to watch out for when using Zillah, Skywatcher defenses using the mithril tree reinforce will not turn to stone, neither will a fully charge Flare Tower. Be very mindful of resetting Stone Gaze at the exact second it wears off to keep Spell Towers from firing. If you are not careful with your timing you can end up with a large number of Mana Hunters inside the trigger radius of an Arc Lightning Spell Tower that is no longer stone. It will kill the lot of them.


Rival Kingdoms Lupita Ascension WikiLupita – Deploy as written above. Use Lupita’s 5 mana spell Frenzy to heal the Mana Hunters while increasing their attack speed. Your Mana Hunters will quickly start to run through the base. With your dragon parked in the center of the base look for Spell Towers or Skywatchers that would make a good target for Lupita’s 10 mana spell Stare Down. Stare Down last for a relatively long period of time but can only work on 1 target at a time so choose wisely. Arc Lightning, Flame Bolt are great targets for Stare Down. Skywatchers on the far side of the Stronghold are also good targets for Stare Down. (Tip resetting Stare Down on a Spell Tower before the spell’s effect ends will allow the spell tower to fire if it is charged) It takes some practice to learn what targets are best for each base but once you have them down Lupita is basically unstoppable.


Rival Kingdoms Ascension Wiki Mini WukongWukong – Deploy as written above. Wukong is all about his 10 mana spell Life Peach that heals troops but also keeps them from dying for a short period. As long as you keep Life Peach going the only things that can kill your Mana Hunters are a fully charged Flare Tower and an Arc Lightning Spell Tower. Make sure to either avoid those or have the dragon park on them to distract them so you can destroy them before they have a chance to wreck your attack. It takes some practice to get the timing down on Life Peach to refresh it just before it ends, and some planning before attacking but Wukong can take down just about any base.


This guide is a great resource for how and why to make Mana Hunter attacks. They are very powerful and have a high rate of success. It takes practice to get the attack plans and strategies listed above down but once you have learned them you will be a top level king slayer for your kingdom. The ancients listed in the guide are not the only ones that are great with Mana Hunters so keep trying other out to learn the rest.

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  1. I use a technic with Golggog where I use 2nd spell on a spell tower that is blocking sh. Then spell 1 on birds. Spell 2 on sh then as many spell one as needed for a win. I only use Golggog in do or die on kingdom raids. Of course I still use dragon as discribed above.

    I also use mana hunters with. Siku but with vastly different deployment.

    Thank you for the very useful information. Good clear language is a plus!!

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