March 9

Kingdom Event Friday!
In this event you can win Valora & her ascension material all the way to Legendary! This will make her the FIRST Legendary Death Ancient you can use in a spell tower, but be aware Kwan as an Epic would be a bit stronger. Did you use up your Grimiores yet?

Arena & MP wins: +5 points
Ancient Bonus: Valora, Anir, Sulric, Marionette, Banemaw, Foreveil +3 points
Boost Bonus: Lost Soul Boosts +10-16 points

Rival Kingdoms Valora Twitch Stream Wiki

What does Valora do?
Mark: When placed on a building all troops will target that building. A good way to send troops right for the stronghold, or to get them back in line if they are wandering or spread to far.

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Rival Kingdoms Valora Twitch Stream Wiki

Shroud: Defenses can’t target troops and troops heal. (Similar to Daji)

Rival Kingdoms Valora Twitch Stream Wiki

Here is Shroud in effect. You might notice it’s range is far larger than that of Daji. It should easily cover all troops when placed correctly.

Rival Kingdoms Valora Twitch Stream Wiki

Assassinate: Single building damage but double damage if the building is under the Mark spell. Also returns 3 mana if the building dies. Valora seems as if she might actually be good in battle with her Shroud Spell and troop wrangling. Look forward to try her out in the future.

See her in action to get a feel for is you want to do this event. At Legendary she seems quite capable.

Rival Kingdoms Valora Ascension Event Wiki

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