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Rival Kingdoms Relic WarsRecently the veil was pulled the off Rival Kingdoms Relic Wars. While it is out in the game it’s still a beta version, meaning anything could change if they don’t like how it works or the community provides input to change them.




So what is a Relic War?
At it’s most basic a Relic War is a Kingdom Raid where you are limited to using each ancient once. Win or loose the battle that ancient is done for the day. Essentially you need to be able to win with 15 ancients (10 bases with 5 morale).

How do I get in?
Your kingdom must decide if they want to bid rings (Aegis’ Tower Shield) or gold (Kwan’s Tome) and then a lord starts the rally phase. All the kingdoms that bid rings then donate in a 24 hour rally period to be in the top 6, same thing if you decide to go with gold. When the rally ends the Relic War begins.

  • You may donate every hour either 50,000 or 250,000 gold
  • You may donate every hour either 50 or 250 rings.
  • Skipping the cool down is 59 gems.
  • Skipping the last 5 mins is free
  • There is a 2 billion cap where you automatically get in, followed by the next to hit it etc
  • You may do a Kingdom Raid and Relic War simultaneously

If we lose the rally do I get my donations back?
Yes any team who does not end up top 6 gets gold or rings returned. You do not have to worry about having space to store returned gold as it will go into your inventory.

What about if we win the rally, do we get any gold/rings back?
Yes. How much if returned is based on your final spot in the Relic War.

  • First place 12% of the total donations from the 6 teams
  • Second place 10% of all donations
  • Third place 5% of all donations
  • Fourth-Sixth place 3% of all donations

What are the rewards for winning?

  • You get the Relic to put on your base (like a trophy)
  • During the beta they have no effect it’s just bragging rights
  • You also get to compete in the next Relic War for free to defend your title
  • You still get a percentage of the donations even though you got in free
  • Winning Relic Wars weekly could be quite profitable
  • A Relic Streak counter will be displayed on the Relic menu

When does the next rally start?
The Relic War has a 24 hour cool down before the next rally begins. As the beta is 4 weeks you will have additional rallys to compete on Feb 18 14:40GMT, Feb 25 14:40GMT, and March 3 14:40GMT.

Killing 10 bases with 10 ancients seems hard… Is Relic Wars only for top kingdoms?
Yes. It was designed for players who have finished upgrading their kingdoms and bases to have a place to use their gold and rings. You don’t have to be done upgrading to try it, but it would help you be successful.


Rival Kingdoms Relic Wars Kwans Tome Wiki

Rival Kingdoms Relic Wars Kwans Tome Wiki

Rival Kingdoms Relic Wars Aegis Tower Shield Wiki

What’s it going to cost to get me in a Relic War?
You can see from the photos that in the first rally period the top kingdoms donated between 333,450,000 and 370,050,000 gold (or 6.7mil per person in a 50 strong kingdom) and between 43,150 and 60,050 rings (or 863 rings per person).

In the next rally the previous winner will be in free so only 5 kingdoms can be added, potentially raising the numbers. Also this Relic War came on with little notice, and with a bit of confusion on how it works,  so many kingdoms started behind and just decided to sit out. If you want in the next one I would be prepared to donate at least this much probably higher will be needed.


Rival Kingdoms Relic Wars Wiki

Rival Kingdoms Relic Wars Wiki

Is my kingdom ready for Rival Kingdoms Relic Wars?
This is a discussion you should be having with your kingdom far ahead of the rally period. How strong are you in Kingdom Raids? Do you frequently win Hammer League? Perhaps you should practice using only 1 ancient per battle in Arena/MP and when comfortable do the same in your Kingdom Raid. How many points do you get and how many does your team get? No use donating 60,000 rings and then coming in last place right?

These photos show the results of day 1 in the two Relic Wars. Notice the top team was perfect in getting every team member to kill the King even with the 1 use restriction.

  • Dragon Legion from Aegis League 17,625 (or 375 points per person)
  • Dragon Slayers from Kwan League 16,580 (or 332 points per person)

If you can’t do better perhaps it’s best to save your gold and rings and do some practice for a future Relic War.

Interested what the real relics will do? Check Relic War Prizes.

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