Spell Tower 101

There are quite a few choices for Spell Towers these days. How do you pick?
We do a quick recap of the choices, offer the top 2 choices of each in the game(in case you are missing the top ancient), and provide some nice visuals to help you decide. There is no one right answer but maybe we can help you make an informed choice.

While you can technically use any Primus to level ancients it is highly recommended that you use the correct type for the 25% bonus. Making the right choice especially early in the game when Primus is scarce will help a lot. As a basic rule you want to choose the highest rarity ancient for Spell Towers otherwise you will eventually max them out, and have to start all over with a higher tower. Remember though to consider which ancients have ascension options. The Mages may start out pretty weak as Commons but when taken to Epic are the strongest in the game.

Crippling Poison Top Choice; Gydian Crippling Poison slows the walking or flying speed of troops by 50% and their attack speed by 25%. This is not recommended for lower strongholds but can be effective later in the game. Designing a base with all “slow skills” (freeze, poison, and chill) is one option to effective defense. Rival Kingdoms Gydian Wiki Spell Tower

Second Choice; Yagumo Gydian is the top choice because as a Mage his Spell Tower is significantly higher at the same level than other Nature Ancients choose him if you have him.

Rival Kingdoms Yagumo Wiki Spell Tower


Insanity Top Choice; Zillah Insanity makes your troops fight each other 5 seconds. That means as your troops get stronger so does insanity. Unfortunately Zillah is only currently available in the Arena making it mostly for high level players. Rarely Zillah might be available in a paid chest or won in a contest. Rival Kingdoms Zillah Wiki Spell Tower

Second Choice; None Zillah is unique in her Spell Tower.


Restoration Top Choice; Amani Restoration has a large range. It will heal buildings and then protect them for 5 seconds by reducing incoming damage by 50%. Unfortunately you can’t tell the tower what to heal and it just heals one building at a time. Rival Kingdoms has said they are looking at Restoration as it’s a new skill and may alter it’s functions if they are not effective. At the current time it is not recommended. Rival Kingdoms Amani Wiki Spell Tower

Second Choice; None Amani is unique in her Spell Tower.


Pulse Lightning Top Choice; Tyrus (Ascended) Lightning has a small range but makes up for it with huge damage. In addition it cleanses positive buffs from opposition troops which can wreck many strategies if they are not careful. Lightning Tower would be good vs Malice, Amani, Wukong, and Lupita’s Frenzy to name a few. Rival Kingdoms Sulric Anir Wiki Spell Tower

Second Choice; Alandra(Ascended) The difference between Top Choice and Second choice on many ancients is small but with these two it’s certainly not. If possible use ascended Tyrus. Don’t be fooled that Adhira is also Epic and think she would have an identical Spell Tower, this is not the case.Rival Kingdoms Alandra Wiki Spell Tower


Flame Bolt Top Choice; Eloni (Ascended) Flame Bolt does half instant damage and then half damage over 3 seconds. In total damage it is second only to Lightning but has a better range. This acute damage is usually far more effective than equal damage over a longer period of time as it overcomes troop heal. If a troop healing 30 per second gets hit by 200 damage over 3 seconds the end result is 110HP loss. If a troop healing 30 per second takes that 200 damage over 7 seconds like in a Poison Tower the end result is no damage at all. The troops have healed faster than damage taken. Consider this when placing all your defenses; are you doing enough damage to overcome the heal? Spreading damage to far apart may mean you are unable to kill anyone. Rival Kingdoms Eloni Wiki Spell Tower

Second Choice; Tie Anir (Ascended) and Sulric (Ascended) The difference between Max Eloni and Max Sulric or Anir is only about 20 damage. If you have Legendary already I would skip Eloni and invest Grimoire’s elsewhere. If you missed the Ascension materials for them though this is a good opportunity to catch up. Rival Kingdoms Sulric Anir Wiki Spell Tower


Flame Sprayer Top Choice; Golgogg A unique spell tower with a very fast fire rate. If you have come across a Flame Sprayer in battle, especially on a conduit, you will know it can be quite dangerous to troops and dragons. The downside is it can only hit one target at a time. Early in battle vs 60 troops that’s pretty bad but near the stronghold when they are fewer in number this can melt them fast. People seem mixed on if its worth it, I tend to think not in the current form. If you have Primus to spare try it out otherwise there is probably a better choice. Rival Kingdoms Golgogg Wiki Spell Tower

Flame Sprayer Second Choice; None Golgogg is unique in his Spell Tower.


Flash Freeze Top Choice; Yelsara (Ascended) Damage and troops frozen for 2.5 seconds what more could you want? Since Rival Kingdoms added a 4 second immunity after being hit Flash Freeze has been seriously weakened. It is no longer a good idea to have Freeze on a conduit but still a valuable addition on most bases. Early in the game freeze is a must along with Flame Bolt but later on you can do without if you choose.

Rival Kingdoms Yelsara Wiki Spell Tower

Second Choice; Birna (Ascended) If you have the Legendary Birna already I would skip Yelsara as damage is not much less. If you missed her and love Freeze then she might be the one for you. Rival Kingdoms Birna Wiki Spell Tower


Cursed Touch Top Choice; Kwan (Ascended) Affected units take 10% more damage and cannot be healed for 8 seconds. This Spell Tower is loved by some as vital and totally ignored by others. I would say early in the game it’s pretty pointless but end game many strategies rely on heal and would be hampered by this tower. A good idea when considering a Death Tower would be to check your defense log. Are there many heal focused ancients? Or are you making a “high damage” base design(Double Conduits, Flame, Antipode defenses) rather than “slow skills” base(Chill, Density, Freeze, Poison and Insanity) where it would be best left out. Rival Kingdoms Kwan Wiki Spell Tower

Second Choice; Tie Yalenati, Tokemi, or Xolonia Again as all 3 of these have identical Spell Towers you should pick the one you can also use in battle. Personally I’m loving Yalenati even after her recent rebalance and would choose her. Rival Kingdoms Yalenati Tokemi Xolonia Wiki Spell Tower


The following table should help making decisions about which Mage to ascend easier by putting all their numbers in one place(Click to go Full Screen)…Can’t find stuff this good on the Wiki :P Riival Kingdom Spell Tower Wiki mage

Who not to use in a Spell Tower if you can help it (AKA Marionette & Relic Wars)
Many end game players have enough Primus to upgrade any or even all ancients. That gives you a bit more Spell Tower options to consider in regards to Marionette who can steal the abilities of other ancients. While she may not be common in MP/Arena if you are doing Relic Wars having good ancients in the Spell Tower gives them another choice on your base. Here are a few examples for you to consider…

  • Anir > Sulric, when Legendary are just as powerful but Anir would definitely be harder to steal and use.
  • Golgogg’s Tower is OK, but giving your opponent the option to steal him in battle is a no go.
  • Amani’s Tower is also marginal but if they steal her spells you are done for.
  • Yalenati, Tokemi, and Xolonia are equal in power so choose the one you feel has the worst first spells.
  • Siku and Lupita would also not be ideal choices due to powerful first spells.

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