Spoilers from Shadow Souls

On March 3rd a bunch of new things appeared in the Rival Kingdoms Beta Shadow Souls.
For one thing we now have over 50 Ancients, 52 to be exact. Let’s take look…

Rival Kingdoms King Darkforge Wiki

Rival Kingdoms King Darkforge Color Wiki

New Ancient King Darkforge! All hail the Dwarf King! He starts Superior and is Fire Ancient.

Rival Kingdoms Rabinovitch Wiki

Rival Kingdoms Rabinovitch Color Wiki

New Ancient Rabinovitch!  He is Superior and also Fire Ancient.

Rival Kingdoms Yuki Wiki

Rival Kingdoms Yuki Color Wiki

Meet New Ancient Yuki!  She is Superior and Ice Ancient.

Rival Kingdoms Chat Settings Wiki

Here we see some new chat setting which is coming alongside a feature we mentioned a few weeks ago. That of course is the ability to chat with anyone just by visiting their kingdom page. The setting allow you to turn off if you don’t want to be contacted for various things.

Rival Kingdoms Magma Stone Wiki

A new Alchemy feature is coming soon, ascending your ascension material..wait what?
Looks like if you have a lower ascension material you can upgrade it, AKA Sleeping Flame Sigil to Magma Stone. This will go over very well to many I’m sure.

Rival Kingdoms Defence Bonus Wiki

Defence Bonus crafting? Not live yet not sure what it does…

Rival Kingdoms Warden Boost Wiki

Here we see our first unlimited craft item. You can craft as many warden boosts as you want.

Rival Kingdoms Raider Boost Wiki

Rival Kingdoms Raider Boost 2 Wiki

Is your kingdom Raider slot always full? Never fear you can craft yourself a 24 hour Raider Spot. Cool huh?

Rival Kingdoms Mithril L9 Wiki

New mithril slots are added so you can now craft up to 9 Mithril in Alchemy.

Rival Kingdoms Golden Egg Boost Wiki

Rival Kingdoms Golden Egg Boost 2 Wiki

A New Boost Golden Egg. I’m not sure where to get the parts yet, Topaz Egg, Ruby Egg, Emerald Egg, Sapphire Egg, so I can’t test this one. Maybe an Easter thing, eggs, dunno.

Rival Kingdoms Home Screen Inventory button Wiki

A few people noticed the new button on the home screen during today’s Twitch Stream. You read our Recap right? Anyway it leads to your Inventory saving you a step. Also notice it has a timer on it? That tells you how long your Raider Bonus Boost lasts, it expires in 5 days.

Hope you enjoyed another coming soon from Rival Kingdoms Fansite! Interested in getting on Shadow Souls yourself? You can use our Transformers Guide, it’s the same steps just use Netherlands instead of Australia. If not we will make sure to let you know anything new as it arrives.

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