Talasin Strategy

Just how do you use Talasin effectively? Read along we’ll teach you!

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Rival Kingdoms Talasin Strategy Wiki

Let’s take a look at this base. How would you attack it?

Analyze: East and west both have 2 spell towers each we’ll avoid those. South has a conduit let’s avoid that too. On the north if we could remove the 2 watchtowers marked with X our dragon would have lots of time to snipe mana and build charge. We will bring 2 troops of maulers, 3 soldiers, and a paladin.

Battle Plan: Drop a mauler troop on the northwest watchtower and follow that immediately with the dragon. This allows the dragon to help without getting damaged. Once the east watchtower is also firing at the first troop drop your second maulers on it, this way they aren’t getting hit at all.

Now that the watchtowers are out we build charge and fly in a V pattern, to the sweep point marked with a S and back. We should be able to easily get in 4 sweeps taking care to damage everyone in the center a little. It’s not the goal to take out items, in fact leaving them behind is better. Talasin’s third not only does high damage but damages all surrounding buildings. So leaving a building with 5HP to hit actually helps you damage everything around it more making them more likely to chain.

Rival Kingdoms Talasin Strategy Wiki

Here we see the aftermath of the 4 sweeps. The dragon is alive and off gathering some mana, basically just keeping him out of harms way for the moment. We need to decide where to fire Talasin’s third spell and our target lies in the red circle. You can see our targeted sweeps have damaged everything in this section meaning one hit will definitely chain and take out everything. We hit the primus conduit in the center.

Rival Kingdoms Talasin Strategy Wiki

As I thought the spell got stuck on the fire spell tower. We hadn’t damaged it all and so the chain ended. Luckily destroying all those buildings has given us mana to fire spell 2, which also damages buildings. Every time it stops we fire spell 2 or 3 again and that kicks spell three back in gear. Over and over.

Rival Kingdoms Talasin Strategy Wiki

Here is the result. We killed every building for an epic victory, and didn’t even need the other 4 troops, a boost, or the kingdom portal. This base was a bit easy with that north defense under construction but it shows the strategy well, we could have easily taken it out too. As a SH13 I have used it successfully against SH15, though not always this pretty.

Final tip: If you are finding the maulers are dying before taking out some of the skywatchers or watchtowers(aside from upgrading them) just bring an extra troop. 3 mauler, 2 soldier, 1 paladin works great vs higher bases. I’ve even heard some people bring 4 maulers. The key to this strategy is to commit to it. Did your spell get stuck and you’re out of mana? Try “chasing the spell” by dropping a soldier group to kill the defense before the 10seconds are up. Get stuck again? Chase it with another troop. You will loose a few times as you learn so don’t use it in an important kingdom raid until you have it mastered..but with a bit of practice you will be amazing your friends on no time flat.

Check the videos for a replay of this battle and one just for kicks where I use no troops or dragon :)

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