Transformers Earth Wars

Have you seen Space Ape’s news of pre-registration for their new game Transformers Earth Wars? 
In collaboration with Hasbro they are currently soft launch only, officially available in New Zealand and Australia. If you are from one of those countries hop over to google play and download it normally. If you are in one of the other 200 countries it will require a few extra steps to bypass the region restriction.

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Posted by Rival Kingdoms on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Are you a Transformers fanatic who just can’t wait, or would you just like a head start? If you are on Android follow this guide for easy installation now, not months from now. It’s quite simple just follow the steps…

On Ios? Click Here  to head to the right instructions for you.

*Quick side note: You can follow these same instructions to load any region locked game as long as you know the country it’s available in. For Shadow Souls use Netherlands as the country (it’s Android only though).

Transformers Earth Wars Installation Instructions

Step 1: Go to google play and search for “Golden Frog VPN”. Look for the Tornado logo for VyprVPN by Golden Frog. Download this app.

  • A VPN is a program that redirects your traffic through their server in another country. When google checks it will see you in Australia and grant you access to download. Once you have the program you can delete the VPN as future updates will work normally.

Transformers Earth Wars Installation Instructions

Step 2: Open the new app and click in the top section that is circled. You need to choose a server that says Australia, then connect.

Transformers Earth Wars Installation Instructions

Step 3: Open your browser and search in google for “Transformers Earth Wars”. You should see apps directly on the search screen, you want the red one that says “Transformers Earth Wars”. Be careful not to choose the one that says “Beta”. If you don’t get apps on the screen list you can click the app name in the first result(not the install button).

Transformers Earth Wars Installation Instructions

Step 4: You should get the option to open it in your browser or google play, choose browser. If you choose play store then google will notice you are not from Australia and it will say “Not available in your country.”

Transformers Earth Wars Installation Instructions

Step 5: Scroll down and double check on the app you are getting “Version 0.20 from Feb 2.”

Transformers Earth Wars Installation Instructions Step 6: Choose the device you wish to install Transformers on. When you click install it will say “Transformers will be installed on your device shortly”. It might take 2 or 3 minutes just let it sit.

Transformers Earth Wars Installation Instructions

Step 7: Here you can see Transformers Earth Wars was installed on my device. From start to finish it took 10 minutes. Downloading with a VPN depends on the server you are using so it might be a lot slower than you are used to. Transformers Earth Wars is a 58mb file so you might want to download on wifi. You can check it’s download progress in your notification window.

Transformers Earth Wars Installation Instructions

Step 8: The game will download some updates from Space Ape.

Transformers Earth Wars Installation Instructions 8

Step 9: Choose your faction…. Are you an Autobot or Decepticon?

  • If you choose Autobots you can join Autobot Alliances and fight against Decepticons.
  • If you choose Decepticons you join Decepticon Alliances and fight Autobots. They don’t currently mix but both sides have the same number of characters to play with and play is similar.

Transformers Earth Wars Installation Instructions 8

Step 10: Vladimir says hello and guides you on what to do.

Transformers Earth Wars Installation Instructions

Step 10: After a short intro you are now on your base and ready to play.

Transformers Earth Wars Installation Instructions

Step 11: Feel free to turn off the VPN now. Playing the game without it will likely be faster and you don’t need it anymore.

Hopefully it went smoothly and you were able to install Transformers Earth Wars. If not you might need to create a fresh Google Account for google play and try again. If you have added a Credit Card to your google play account before it can use that to know where you are and that can sometimes cause problems getting region locked content. Making a new account is free and take only a few minutes, then when it asks for credit card info hit skip and enter Australia as country. Start to finish even with this step you should be playing in 20mins or so. As you can see I performed exactly these steps on Feb 15th just to see if it would work for those who need a setup guide.

Happy Gaming!


IOS Instructions
Thanks to Tuna for Submitting these… They seem way simpler than the android way, lucky :)

Step 1: Launch itunes on your computer and sign out of your Apple ID.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the itunes page, click “change country” and select Australia.

Step 3: Open the App store in itunes, select any app that is free and click “Get”.

Step 4: itunes will now prompt you to enter you Apple ID and password. Instead click “Create Apple ID”, and make a new ID.

Step 5: Proceed to the payments screen and you’ll see an option that says “NONE”, select None and enter this address:

  • Country Australia
  • State NSW
  • Zip 2000
  • Phone Number +61 1900 654 321

Step 6: You now have an ID that works in Australia and can download Transformers Earth Wars. Enjoy!

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