Twitch Recap April 14

Today’s Twitch was mostly a demo of Survivor Mode but it may not be as difficult as first expected. If the devs can get to Streak 30 without boosts, surely you can do better! In fact BJ offered 20 BS to the highest streak screenshot that is sent in. Post your best here.


Rival Kingdoms King Darkforge Stone Skin Spells Wiki

So we got a Sneak Peak of King Darkforge today. Let’s check out his spells.

Stone Skin (5 mana): Affected units are granted 85% increase damage and 50% damage reduction…Holy Cow =). Under the effect they loose 50% speed and can’t heal but are major tanks. Seemed like a good trade off when they used it.

Rival Kingdoms King Darkforge Strike the Earth Spells Wiki

Strike the Earth (10 mana): Deals 25(+7) damage in an area and summons 3x Kings Guard. damage is doubled against walls. Not sure how strong a Kings Guard is yet or if they have a special ability (which they probably do).

Rival Kingdoms King Darkforge Magma Flow Spells Wiki

Magma Flow (15 mana): Fire bursts from the earth dealing 70 (+19) damage immediately and 210 (+57) over 10 seconds. Gold smelter and Storage take double damage and grant +1 mana.

You will notice King Darkforge is currently only at 27% of his total power. BJ was holding 3mil out of a total possible of 11mil, so he was at 27% capacity. This means he can get way more powerful as Darkforge’s power scales with how much gold you are carrying.


Other Tidbits:

  • Arena seasons will be looked at after Relic Wars comes out, which is really soon.
  • Survivor Mode will add rings when out of beta to the Prize ladder, and they will be quite substantial. Since it’s open to only SH14-16 in Beta it wouldn’t be fair to offer them this weekend.
  • Retry during the Event will by 60 Diamonds at Level 1 and increase by 60 each streak so 40 will be 2460. Pay players may still be able to buy a win but it’s insanely expensive.
  • If you use the Retry button you can use the same ancient you lost with or switch
  • No nerfs planned, working on Buffing defense instead

Hope you enjoyed our recap! Why not join in the Discussion about King Darkforge?