Twitch Recap March 3

In Today’s twitch stream we learned about the New Ancient Valora. She will be coming in next weeks event so let’s take a look at her spells shall we?

Rival Kingdoms Valora Twitch Stream Wiki

Mark: When placed on a building all troops will target that building. A good way to send troops right for the stronghold, or to get them back in line if they are wandering or spread to far.

Rival Kingdoms Valora Twitch Stream Wiki

Shroud: Defenses can’t target troops and troops heal. (Similar to Daji)

Rival Kingdoms Valora Twitch Stream Wiki

Here is Shroud in effect. You might notice it’s range is far larger than that of Daji. It should easily cover all troops when placed correctly.

Rival Kingdoms Valora Twitch Stream Wiki

Assassinate: Single building damage but double damage if the building is under the Mark spell. Also returns 3 mana if the building dies. Valora seems as if she might actually be good in battle with her Shroud Spell and troop wrangling. Look forward to try her out in the future.

Rival Kingdoms Valora Ascension Shadowkit Dagger Wiki

Here we see Valora’s (formerly Vicki) Ascension Material. Whether we will get to ascend her next week is uncertain at this point, but at least you know it’s coming. Take that into account when deciding to participate in the Event.

Rival Kingdoms Flare Tower Changes Buff Wiki

Also covered were coming Defense Buffs!

The Flare Tower will now damage AOE(area of effect), which means it will hit all nearby targets not just one. In addition that hit will dispell positive troop buffs(like a lightning tower). Finally when fully charged the Flare Tower will become immune to full disable spells. So Zillah’s 3rd, Foreveil’s 3rd, and other spells like it won’t affect the Flare Tower. The combination of these 3 effects is supposed to make Flare Tower the “Ultimate Defense” according to Alex.

Flare Tower charge gained is now dependent on Mana spent. Instead of each spell equaling one charge it now depends on the cost of the spell:
5 Mana: 1 charge
10 Mana: 2 charges
15 Mana: 3 charges

3 new Skills may very well change which Mithril you want on your Flare Tower. Bastion seems to be the overall favorite these days at high level but may lose that when the changes come out. For instance having the Flare Tower start fully charged with Power, will allow it to start immune to disable spells. Also Discharge hitting half as often but twice as strong could definitely be a factor now that Flare Tower hits AOE.

What will you choose?

Rival Kingdoms Skywatcher Changes Buff Wiki

The other defense getting a buff is Skywatcher mithril.

Reinforced: Gaining immunity to full disable spells(like Flare Tower). So it will still cause flying troops to do half damage it also protects itself by being immune to disabling. This is in response to the all mana hunter strategies being used. If Skywatcher can’t be disabled it will be more effective against that attack.

Dragon: Having trouble with dragons? This Mithril change will increase the Skywatcher range by 35% while keeping it’s old effect of preferring dragons.  Increasing the range will also be effective in slowing the all mana hunter strategies although they could deploy dragon as a distraction.

Cripple: unchanged

When asked if we would be getting a Mithril Reset Hammer to deal with the changes they said probably not, but it’s not yet decided. Release is scheduled for mid-March.

Rival Kingdoms Guardian Boost Alchemy Wiki

New Alchemy Recipes: Today 2 new recipes were added to Alchemy, did you notice them? Cold Blood can now be crafted but is quite expensive. Also a New Boost Guardian was added, you need to have a L7 Alchemy Lab to make one. It’s effect is to half damage for a certain length of time.

Daily Campaign Mithril: The drops of a Mithril from daily campaigns has been confirmed to be removed. This change was made to remove the randomness of the drops. Some people never got a mithril while others got 30. You collect between 9-14 shards a day and craft them in the Alchemy Lab from now on. While there are only 5 mithril available at the current time more will be added. It was said that soon we will have recipes that can be used over and over so you will always have something to craft.

Hope you enjoyed another Twitch Recap from the Rival Kingdoms Fansite. Hopefully the next few streams will also have something worth reporting so we can continue to be your best source of Rival Kingdoms information.

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