Twitch Stream March 10

Even though we got a fair bit on info on the Twitch Stream today you can be glad you missed it…they literally had a discussion about if the thumb is a finger; if you hold up 2 fingers and a thumb is that a two or a three? SMH

That’ why we have Recaps!

OK on to the show :)

Rival Kingdoms Deathless Poison Valora Vicki Legendary Ascension

Here we see our first look at Volara’s Legendary Ascension Material Deathless Poison. Hopefully you read our post on This Weekend’s Event, Scores Needed, Valora Stats and video right?

Rival Kingdoms Golden Egg Easter Boost Wiki

Easter is coming up and Rival Kingdoms has something special planned. You can collect Eggs during the Event from chests but you will need to trade and gift to friends to find all the materials you need to make new boosts of Golden Egg through the Alchemy Lab. As you can see in the photo the boost grants 15 mana as Legendary and when troops die they rewind time by 5 seconds. It’s not quite clear what it means but I assume they keep fighting for 5 extra seconds even though they are out of health. These must be found or gifted they can’t be purchased.

Legendary +15 mana, +5 second time rewind
Epic +10 mana, +5 second time rewind
Rare +5 mana, +5 second time rewind
Superior +5 second time rewind

Rival Kingdoms Meme Deborah Mensah-Bonsu Wiki

Apparently some Space Ape staffers decided to make Deborah into a meme. They showed several and said they would release a png file on social media platforms so the community can play too if they want.

Rival Kingdoms House of Cards Deborah Mensah-Bonsu

House of Cards meme…

Rival Kingdoms Deborah Mensah-Bonsu Camel Meme

Riding a camel with no legs meme…

Rival Kingdoms Tryke Meme Deborah Mensah-Bonsu

Riding in a Toy Car Meme…

Rival Kingdoms Deborah Mensah-Bonsu meme Star trek

Star Trek meme…

Rival Kingdoms Deborah Mensah-Bonsu meme Star Wars

Negotiating with Emperor Palpatine meme…

Make some of your own and we will display them. Send to Contact Us

Lots of Questions were answered…

  • Yes they aware of Zillah issues but send in a ticket if you experience it, the more data the easier it will be to fix quickly
  • The $20 bundle has changed to only grant 30 BS(not 50) and it’s due to a significant shift in purchasing since the BS to inventory change. Basically it was the only bundle being bought so it was changed to stabilize the economy.
  • Coming soon ability to visit a Kingdom Leaderboard and send a recruit request to individuals.
  • Also coming in next build an increase in the Kingdom daily message size
  • Recraftable boosts will be in game soon
  • Event Currency coming soon. Will allow you to save up and spend on Ascension material or Ancients for events you did not finish.
  • Next week’s Easter Event will be easy (Why next week? I Dunno)
  • Past Event ancients are being added to the Rare Ancient Chests giving you a new way to get missing ancients. There will be an exclusivity period but after a few weeks you can get them.
  • Arena Seasons on hold due to higher priority projects. Will come out again when they fix it to perform as expected.
  • Relic Wars Beta has ended today. New version should be out in a couple of weeks as they make some changes from survey feedback.

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