Twitch Recap 8/4

Today we had our first Rival Kingdoms Twitch Stream in awhile! Let’s take a look at some of the reveals…

abhorrence spell tower rival kingdoms mythic ancient

Here you can see Abhorrence’s Spell Tower Ability:

In addition to 160-203 dmg, it randomly swaps around targets and for 5 seconds they deal 25% less dmg or heal. We will see if it is good enough to add to the lineup when released (if we ever get enough Chaos primus to get to L70) .

  • New Shrine Level will be released opening up L70 in about 2 weeks.
  • No date set for getting missed candles; at least 2 months after the Saga ends was mentioned.
  • In the event there will be 4-6 Grimoires released so you will need to craft a few.

Every week there will be a Live Stream Challenge where you can win Chaos Primus. This week you need to complete the Trial of Fire Event, take a screenshot as proof, and post it to Rival Kingdoms Twitter or Facebook page with #MageSaga. 10 Lucky people will win 5k Chaos Primus.

rival kingdoms shaman ancient superior nature

They also accidentally showed an upcoming ancient Shaman. All we know right now is he starts Superior, is an nature type, and will then likely come with ascension materials.

new stronghold 17 look

Here you can see that Sh17’s look is getting a revamp. The current version makes it a bit hard to distinguish individual defenses so many of the colors are changing.

Mage Saga Event Lineup:

  • 8/5 Individual, no Leaderboard, Eloni
  • 8/12 Kingdom, Leaderboard, Tyrus
  • 8/19 Individual, no Leaderboard, Crafting Event, Gydian
  • 8/26 Individual, no Leaderboard, Kwan
  • 9/2 Kingdom, no Leaderboard, Yelsara

Hope you enjoyed the sneakpeak. For more details on the Mage Saga click on through.