Valora Strategy

Just how do you use Valora effectively? 
If your attempts are like mine you had both Epic Victories and Catastrophic Failures. Let’s learn how to do it right shall we? Follow along with this simple strategy for success.

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Rival Kingdoms Valora wiki

Valora Spells
Mark: Marks a building causing nearby allied units to prioritize it for 6 seconds. Marked targets also take double damage from Valora’s Assassinate ability.

Shroud: Defenses cannot target the selected troops for 4.50 seconds and after the effect ends they regain 26 health. Troops can still be damaged by attacks in flight or aimed at others

Assassinate: Deals 196 – 200 damage to a single building, doubled if the building is afflicted by Mark (392 – 400). If this damage destroys a mana-producing target, it awards a bonus 3 mana.

Theory: Valora’s spells may seem truly Legendary on paper but in practice she is a bit tricky. You need patience to build mana and apply spells at the right time for it to work, even sometimes utilizing the slow motion feature. We don’t use Valora’s third spell at all until you have her Maxed. At L60 Assassinate can take out a Sh15 Spell Tower in one hit which is a great option to have but at lower levels using Mark and Assassinate as a combo is effective but to costly. Take the time to practice and Master her and you will be rewarded with her true power.

Strategy #1; Close Attack
Troop Composition: 3s1p1mh1raider or 4s1p1mh

  • Choose attack vector farthest from Spell Towers so you have maximum mana when reaching them
  • Drop dragon to build charge
  • Drop all troops tightly packed and build mana. Be patient!
  • Use Dragon as distraction for spell towers, use slow motion as you learn the timing
  • This is the key part… When troops heal is not the time to reapply; hover over them with Shroud and when troops light up, then you fire
  • Repeat the last step until stronghold falls, use Mark if needed to gather troops at SH

Strategy #2; Close Attack
Troop Composition: All Mana Hunters, or my personal favorite is 5mh1p

  • Very similar to ground attack
  • Dragon distracts, troops close together, wait to apply Spell 2 until last possible second, repeat
  • If using a Paladin troop wait until a building behind the wall falls so you can drop the paladin there. If you wait for them to kill the wall the battle is over before they catch up
  • Mana Hunters are more likely to spread out so avoid using Mark if you can. Shroud only stops defenses from targeting within the circle, if you Mark after Shroud the defenses will follow those unprotected and all troops are hit by splash defenses leading to devastation

The video below shows Valora taking out Sh16 bases easily, obviously she will be even better if you managed to get Deathless Poison for Valora’s Ascension.  Video used with permission of Tylo Plays.


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