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Mei and Renshu owned a small, but much-loved peach orchard. Each year Mei would make jams and pickles from the fruit and Renshu brewed heady blossom wine. One day a troop of monkeys moved into the nearby forest and started to raid the trees. Not wishing to kill the creatures, Mei had a stone monkey carved and placed in the orchard. Every full moon she would leave an offering of fruit and wine at its feet for the monkeys.

Sure enough the troop took the offering and ceased their raids. The orchard flourished and the trees took on a magical constitution, never falling to drought or disease. The juice of the fruit became even sweeter and seemed to invigorate both the body and the mind.

Sadly, the couple themselves were not fruitful and longed for a child. One evening, whilst bringing the tribute, Mei knelt at the feet of the statue and prayed to be granted a baby. When she went to collect the bowls in the morning she found an infant monkey amongst them. It caught her fingers in its tiny paw and smiled up at her.

They named him Wukong and raised him as their own. Something of the orchard’s magic seemed to have rubbed off on Wukong, for he soon started to speak in the tongue of his parents and his face took on more human aspects. He grew up agile, mischievous and strong, and could collect peaches from the orchard faster than a dozen workers.

Wukong would often go out exploring. He could run for miles and climb the tallest trees with ease, yet never strayed beyond the valley’s boundaries, fearing his unusual looks would not be so readily accepted. One moonlit night he returned home famished from his latest outing. He saw the offering laid out before the statue. His mouth salivated at the smell of the wine and he decided to take a tiny sip. In no time the jug had been drained, the bowls empties and Wukong was fast asleep at the base of the statue.

He awoke to find that the orchard had been decimated by the monkeys, angered by the destruction of their tribute. The harvest gone, so was the troop, and the trees were diseased and withered. Ashamed, he confessed his crime to his parents and vowed that he would leave home and only return once he could afford to buy them a new orchard. Mei provided him the last few fruit she had and Renshu gave him his peach wood staff. With a heavy heart Wukong set out into the world.

*** The End ***

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