Yelsara Ascension

Ascended by use of Grimoire one level up to a maximum of Epic. To earn a Grimoire you must complete the Neophyte Path Trial by gaining 3 Mastery Stars on Sulric, Kestra, Foreveil, Lyris, and Nyrax(75 wins each). You can also earn as many as 3 in the Timed Quest Feb 18-21st. You must get 100 wins in this period with either Kestra, Hegar, or Yalenati to earn one.

Mages are usually chosen for their spell tower strength. Ex: L29 Eloni Flame Bolt is the same as L44 Jal Flame Bolt.
We show the maximum spells at each rarity for you to easily compare.

Max Common Stats: Level 11-15
Max Superior Stats: Level 26-30
Max Rare Stats: Missing photo why not submit one? Contact US
Max Epic Stats: Level 45-50
Max Legendary Stats: See Mage Saga

Yelsara Ascension Rival Kingdoms Wiki
Yelsara Ascension Rival Kingdoms Wiki


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Yelsara Ascension Rival Kingdoms Wiki